The Trad Painter’s Manifesto

In 2013 I started this blog with the aim to spread the secret knowledge of how to paint traditional tattoo flash.

It is now 2020 and over the years my tutorials have been viewed over 80 thousand times and from nearly every country in the world.
It blows my mind that people actually find my rantings helpful in any way and seeing some of those commenters from years back growing into fully fledged traditional tattoo artists has been inspiring to see.

I took a break from the tutorials for a few years after burning myself out writing them and filming them for YouTube but recently I’ve had the fire back inside me.
For the past few months I have been working on a zine that complies all the painting techniques I use into one easy to follow tutorial.

I had planned for the zine to be printed and sold but currently most of the world is under quarantine and a large majority of people are stuck in their homes so I have decided to make a PDF version available so everyone has instant access to it.

As for the price of the zine, after rereading old messages from when I first started doing these tutorials there was one message that stood out from a guy in Asia asking for advice on buying paper because they couldn’t afford to get the wrong type.

I know what that feels like so this zine is now free for everyone.

Create something good in this world and carry the fire.

(zine best viewed full screen as a two page spread)

Click to access thetradpaintersmanifesto.pdf

Direct link to PDF of ‘The Trad Painter’s Manifesto’ here.